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It was when I was most strongly moved by emotions that I started to paint. Expressing what I felt deep within. At the beginning it was when I was hurt. I had many feelings coming up. Like these moments where the weather at the seaside changes from light wind to storm, the clouds rushing above you and dark and shady flocs of cumulus create this tension where you think: now heaven is going to fall on earth. It was the same energy in me. I needed a big canvas and a lot of space on it to try to grasp this emotion and reflect what was happening inside me. I needed to get rid of it. In time I more and more learned to listen to my feelings, my inner voices, and emotions - sometimes nasty, sometimes pleasant. Sometimes with sadness and sometimes with fun. I  just tried to give them space. First on paper and canvas, then by taking pictures and by working with wood. Finally by putting these energies down in to words. In the years from the first stroke of the brush until today I more and more convinced myself that emotions are the source of art - if art is what I do - and they can be expressed in various ways. And what you see on this site is how I express myself and my emotions. This is my art. 

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