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A b o u t  m e

Born on march 31st in 1965.

Italian and German citizenship.

I grew up in the Sowjet Union, in Greece, in Egypt and Italy. Studied in Germany. Worked all over the world and met many interesting people, had thousands of exchanges with people form different cultures and with different backgrounds. Doing so I learned to see the world from different perspectives and that there is no absolute right or wrong. I was lucky to be able to learn some languages and understood that the world was a village if you where at least trying to speak the language of your hosts and understand their way of thinking. I meet people with different backgrounds and beliefs. I learned that humbleness is a basis for understanding others point of view. And I believe in the power of arts as a compound between different human cultures.


C o n t a c t

Carlo Antico

+49 8061 9399682


C o n t a C t

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